Traffic Enforcer that Sells Kakanin in EDSA to be Promoted

Traffic Enforcer Fernando Gonzalez will be receiving promotion issued by MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino. Watch the full story from 24Oras. The traffic enforcer that sells kakainin in EDSA during his day-off (weekends), whose photos and videos are currently viral in social in social media, will be promoted. This is after the viral photo has reached the radar of Metro Manila Development Authority chairman.

In the news report, Traffic Enforcer Fernando Gonzalez was summoned in the office of MMDA Chairman not to punish but to promote the officer. Based on the video Fernando Gonzalez seemed anxious and shaking while in front of the chairman. He probably thought that he will be relieved from his work but to his surprise he received promotion.

Watch the video below:

According to Fernando Gonzalez, he is working part time selling ‘kakanin’ (native delicacies) during off-day to support his son’s education. He has two sons; one is already in first year college, and other is in high school. He wears uniform so he can also be prepared whenever there is shortage in traffic enforcer in his location. He was also commended by his superior because he diligently does his work.

Traffic Enforcer Fernando Gonzalez, 51-year-old, has been an employee of MMDA for 20 years. During the tenure, his record has no stain of whatsoever illegal deeds. He added that he doesn’t want to do illegal work like ‘pangongotong’ because he does not want to get embarrassed to his kids and wife.

traffic enforcer fernando gonzalez promoted

He graduated with the degree of BS Criminology. Currently, he is receiving P15000 monthly salary as an enforcer. Aside from delicacies, their family is planning to sell rags in the coming months.

In social media, Sir Fernando has earned numerous positive remarks and respect from the netizens. Some told that his story is very inspiring and touching. There is no shame in selling kakanin because it is legal compared to those traffic enforcer who resort to ‘pangongotong,’ some added.

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