Smart, Sun Cellular, Talk N Text Trio 20 Offer

Smart, Sun Cellular and Talk N Text have teamed up and bring their latest Trio 20 offering. Switching sim cards is one of the usual problems to subscribers having friends utilizing subscriptions from other Networks.

I also encounter the same thing before but since I am already a sun cellular prepaid user, I no longer have to do that because of sun cellular’s TU 200 offer.

If you’re still not familiar with Sun TU 200 it is a promo by sun cellular where you can have unli text and 4 hours of calls sun to sun but other than that it comes with 500 free text messages to other networks such as Smart and Globe. It’s like literally having an unlimited text to all networks.
If you are a subscriber of smart and you want to experience the same privilege like that of sun cellular subscribers this might be the answer to your call. It’s called the Trio 20.

Trio 20 is a tri-network offer that gives you the privilege of 15 minutes calls and 200 text messages to Sun, Smart, and TNT subscribers for just 20 pesos valid for 1 day.

To avail of this offer assuming you have a regular load all you need to do text Trio20 to 2477 otherwise, you can approach the nearest loading station in your area and request for a TRIO20 load. This offer might be tempting for smart and Talk N text subscribers but as for me, I think Sun TU200 is till the best offer yet.

* Picture screengrab from smart website

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