Sun Text Unlimited TU 300 Details

The third-largest TELCO in the Philippines Sun cellular brings a very irresistible Sun TU 300 text unlimited offer which is way more attractive than their Sun TU 200.

Sun TU 300 is perhaps an augmented version of TU 200. For an additional 100 pesos every month existing prepaid subscribers like me can experience 10 hours of calls to Sun / Smart users.

For me, it is practically unlimited for one month because I do not call that much as I prefer to chat or just text messages. This offering comes also with unlimited text to SUN users, and 3000 texts to other networks including Globe or Touch Mobile.

Sun TU300 comes with an internet data connection. You can enjoy 100MB worth of Facebook connection per day and a nonstop chat using online messaging applications on your mobile phones. These include FB messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Kakatotalk, Snapchat, and Telegram.

This promo seems like plan 300 the only difference of this from the usual postpaid plan is it does not compel subscribers to pay the monthly subscription fees. They just load the TU300 whenever they feel the need to based on their estimated usage for the particular month. It is not obligatory, unlike the postpaid plan counterpart where you are automatically billed every month.

In some months, subscribers can load cheaper Sun Promos depending on their budget. They can also load higher value if they need other perks not included in this Text Unlimited promo.

Here are Sun TU 300 promo details:
tu300 sun cellularIf you avail of the promo, you can enjoy the perks for 30 days as it is the validity. The amount you need to load is Php 300.00. It has a validity of 30 days which means you can experience month-long online chat based on your preferred messaging application, Facebook connection, and texts to other networks.

To load just approach loading station then request for TU300. You can also convert your existing regular load, just text TU300 to 247. This Promo is part of the regular prepaid offering from Sun Cellular.

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