Twin Baby Boys ‘TATATATATA’ Full Video Funny Conversation

According to Yahoo! The twins are named Sam and Ren is 17 months olds at the time of posting. They are having this very funny “TATATATATA” conversation which I really find amusing. I don’t understand what they are talking about. Though, from the looks of it, they seem to be enjoying talking with each other.

Probably they are asking each other why baby 1 is wearing only one sock because he keeps on lifting that barefoot and showing it to his brother baby 2. The other baby 2 (with complete socks) is telling the other baby that you might have misplaced it somewhere.

Baby 1 no it’s been missing since this morning. Then baby 2 is saying alright we’re going to look for it together (both smiles).

Baby 1 said no need just let it be that way. Baby 2 no we are going to look for it again Baby 1 said to need let’s just taste this fridge. The end…

Apparently, the video has two parts. You can watch the whole 4-minute video in this post.

Part 1

Part 2

Other interpretations from commenter of this video:

have u seen the blank across the street thingy?
yeah she was so blank
yea lets go over there and ask her out
AHAH like ull have a chance!
watch meh!
b-u-ts u don’t know hows to talk to her!! haah
I so do!
bring it!

By kkellyhahaha

Notice how one of the socks of the babies is missing and how it keeps looking at the bare foot
so, logically, the nature of the conversation was something like this:
“dude, you’re missing the right sock. what the eff man, we were gonna go partner look!”
“whaaaa? nah uh, you never gave me a second sock, I don’t know what you’re talking about…”
“you gotta be kidding me, I gave it to you 10 minutes ago when we got up from nap time!”
“no you didn’t, or else it’d be on here!” -looks at the foot.

by NovaFreestyler

I REALLY wish that I could understand what they are saying! Apparently, something funny since they can’t stop laughing lol…I wonder if they’re mimicking what mom and dad do when they talk to each other lol

by erisam73

Can you tell us your own interpretation :-)?

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