How to add Twitter Emoticons Symbols to your Tweets

Make your every tweet stand out and catch someone’s eye on Twitter when you add these high-quality aesthetic emoticons and symbols to them.

Express your emotions, and your current feelings by including smiley or facepalm emoticons along with your tweets. Let your followers know your next travel destination by inserting these country flags in your messages.

The use of emoticons started decades ago in Japan-made cellular phones, since then emojis became popular all over the world. Social media company such as Twitter supports the use of emojis on their platforms. From the normal smiley, emoticons now evolve to a more stunning look such as flags, monkeys, dogs, and high-five. Moreover, if you access twitter using your smartphone, there is an icon that will lead you to an array of supported emoticons that you can immediately put to good use.

Unlike Twitter background or Twitter applications, inserting emoticons into your tweets does not require you to download or install anything on any of your smart devices. What you simply need to do is copy-paste or select the emoticons by tapping them. Afterward, just hit the tweet button.

Probably this page has been around on the web for ages but I was able to discover it just recently with the help of a friend. This will enable any person who has a Twitter account to decorate every tweet they make with a smiley, arrow, red heart, airplane, cloud, a face with tears of joy, yin yang, and others.

Here’s how to add Twitter emoticons and different symbols to your tweets

Step 1: Log in to your Twitter account

I presume you already have a Twitter account. If not then visit the Twitter website to create an account.

Step 2: Go to this site, on the upper right side connect it to your Twitter account.

Use the site to start adding emoticons and other symbols in your every tweet. As of the moment, you can add horoscope symbols, hands, chess pieces, and arrows. If you access Twitter on PC, you can also just copy the emoticons (after you selected them) and paste them into your tweets.

Step 3: Send the tweet then go back to your original Twitter account window to see the result.

There you have it guys! Adding emoticons to your every tweet may take a few minutes of your time. But if you want your tweets to become expressive and to stand out among the rest, it is imperative to insert them.

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