What is the meaning of UMID card in SSS Philippines?

UMID is an acronym that means Unified Multi-Purpose Identification card (ID). Government agencies in the Philippines such as GSIS, Philhealth, Home Development (Pag-IBIG) Fund, and SSS honor the UMID ID as a valid identification card.

For government employees, you can apply for your UMID card in GSIS. For employees of companies, on the other hand, you can apply for UMID card in SSS.

The UMID card has no expiration date and is valid for life. The card stores the biometrics of the members such as signatures, photos, and fingerprints. You can also see on the card the other personal information of the members. At the front of the card is where you will find the member’s complete name, birth date, gender, home address, CRN, ghost image, and photo.

At the back shows the logos of the 4 government agencies (versions issued in 2011 to 2015), or a silver magnetic stripe (versions issued on June 2016 and onwards). The logos of the government agencies were removed.

The first version of the UMID card was issued in 2010 to the members of the said government agencies. The redesigned version was issued to new members who apply for the umid card in 2016 and onwards.

umid id sample photo

source: sss.gov.ph

There are two ways to apply for UMID card. The first option is to walk-in to an SSS branch. The second option is by setting an appointment via the my.sss website to get an appointment date to your preferred sss branch for your biometrics collection.

The UMID ID is free for first time applicants. Members who will apply for UMID ID card for the first time need to provide an original version or certified true copy of any of the following primary identification cards: PRC card, Driver’s license, Philippine passport, and/or Seaman’s book.

If the 4 stated ID cards are not available then you can provide any two secondary ID cards/documents. You can choose from the following: birth certificate, company ID, school ID, TIN ID, marriage contract, baptismal certificate, postal ID, voters ID card, senior citizen card, and NBI clearance. For the complete details of IDs/documents, you can check them at the sss website.

The fee for UMID card replacement is Php 200. Existing members who want to replace their old umid card (issued prior to 2016) and other purposes such as changing their membership information can do so. This is by setting an appointment and then visiting the sss branch that processes UMID IDs of your choice. Bring your old umid card, replacement fee, and other requirements.

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