Smart UNLI25 Registration Details

Smart Unli Call and Txt 25 ( UNLI25 ) allow you to text and call fellow smart and talk n text users nonstop for 1 day.

If you are the type of mobile users who text and call their friends nonstop for 1 day at the same time wants to stay connected with relatives in social media, then this promo is just right for you.

Unli call and txt 25 promo basically let you do everything online for one day. It lets you call smart and talk n text friends nonstop and unli text smart, sun, and TNT for 1 day. If your friends are from networks other than mentioned you still can text them with the additional 50 all net text. smart unli call and text 25UNLI25 also allows you to utilize Smart powerapp so you can use Facebook, Twitter, and 5 other popular apps for free. It also provides you with 15MB data for other sites that you want to view.

How to Register with Unli25 and other details

  • You must be a smart prepaid subscriber
  • Registration is required. To register Text UNLI25 then send to 6404
  • You should maintain P1 balance to avoid service disruption
  • Smart PowerApp can be downloaded at google playstore or just text FREE SOCIAL to 5555 with your android phone
  • You cannot use the 15MB data unless you turn off powerapp. To turn it off just text OFF POWERAPP to 5555

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