Unlock Your SSS Account in 4 Simple Ways

If your sss account is locked, you can choose from these 4 simple ways to unlock your sss account and be able to access it again.

One of the reasons our sss account got locked is that we can not remember our login details. If this is the case, what we will do usually is guess our user id or password many times. Even though we know it is going to be unsuccessful. As a result, SSS will lock our account.

Don’t worry, this is a normal thing. SSS does this to protect the personal details of its members. SSS does not permit this type of irregular activity, such as multiple failed login attempts.

The next hopeful thing we do is proceed with the forgot user and password option. The problem that we are going to face with this option is if we neither know the email address nor the answer to the security question that we input during our registration.

There are also instances that our email address is locked because we can’t remember the login details for the latter, as well hahaha. Moreover, aside from the login details, SSS is also going to ask us to provide our sss number and/or CRN.

If you cannot remember and provide all this information then there is no way you can unlock your account online.

But, I tell you, do not lose hope. Why? Because you can do these 4 simple things to gain access to your sss account again.

Unlock SSS Account without an Email

There are many cases where members want to unlock their sss user name and password online. However, they already forgot the email account they use during their registration.
If this is the case, there are 3 possible steps for you to recover your online password manually.

Step 1: Write an Email to SSS for user ID and Password reset

The email should include the following personal details such as your full name, sss number, date of birth, and details of your concern.

You should also attach a photo of your SSS ID or 2 valid identification cards showing your photo and signature. If possible, you can also attach a screenshot of the error/concern that you encounter.

Step 2: Send the email to SSS Online Services

Based on the Philippine Social Security System Facebook page, you can send your email to onlineserviceassistance@sss.gov.ph. with the personal details indicated in step 1.

Step 3: Receive a Reply from SSS

At this point what we can do is wait for a reply. The time it would take for respective sss personnel to reply to your email depends on the number of members the latter is also addressing with.

Here is the reference:
unlock your sss account without emailsss-username-password-reset-without-emailThis process takes time because for sure SSS will also need to attend to the concerns of other members so please be patient.

Perform Password Recovery Online

Assuming you still can recall the email address that you use during the registration of your sss account. The best thing to do is perform password recovery. In this option, You need to input your crn or sss in the provided space. You also need to provide to SSS either your registered email address or the answers to the two security questions.

unlock sss account by security questions

The example of security questions that you can find on the sss website are:

  • In what town or city was your first job?
  • In what town or city did you meet your spouse or partner?
  • What are the last six digits of your driver’s license?
  • What is the nickname of your favorite boss?
  • What is the nickname of your mother?
  • What is your first pet’s name?

Afterward, check your registered email for the link to update your login details.

Call the SSS Toll-Free Telephone Numbers

In the Philippines, you can call SSS by dialing 1455 using your landline. If you are located outside of the Philippines, their international toll-free number is 1-800-10-2255777.

SSS also has international toll-free numbers for Filipinos residing in the following countries:

  • Hongkong: 001-800-0225-5777
  • Qatar: 00800-100-260
  • Italy: 00-800-0225-5777
  • Singapore: 001-800-0225-5777
  • UAE: 800-0630-0038
  • UK: 00-800-0225-5777
  • Malaysia: 00-800-0225-5777
  • Saudi Arabia: 800-863-0022
  • Taiwan: 00-800-0225-5777
  • Bahrain: 8000-6094
  • Brunei: 801-4275

Visit the SSS branch to Unlock your SSS Account

Based on my experience, this is the sure way to unlock your sss account. When you visit the branch, bring with you two valid ID cards. The reason is their staff will have to verify your identity. Also, make sure that you have at hand a valid email address.

sss branches in the philippines 2020

The sss staff will assist you in updating the information in your account. This includes updating your login details, valid email address, and mobile phone number.


All 4 options will require you to wait. Though for me, if you have the time, I suggest that you choose the fourth option which is by visiting the sss branch. I say this is the best among the choices because this will have the result that you want almost immediately. After you leave the branch, your sss account is unlocked and you can be able to access it online again.

I hope this helps guys!

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  • romnick samillano

    how can i unlock my sss account

    • Matt

      Hi Romnick, you can follow the steps in the post to unlock your account with sss.

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    how to unlock may sss account

  • Ma. Cecilia P. Flores

    What will you suggest if i am abroad and want to change my mobile phone, email and password. Can I ask my direct relative to process it and give an authorization letter through virtual for there’s a proof that i am the one who ask to process it.

    Waiting for the reply through my email above.


    Good day mam/sir…my account is lock can Unlock my account?thank you mam/sir…

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