How to Update Bang and Olufsen Headphone’s Firmware

In this post, you will know the steps to update our Bang & Olufsen audio products, particularly headphones to the new firmware. You can do this process using your Microsoft Windows PC, or Mac, through the b&o mobile application.

Bang and Olufsen release software updates for their luxurious headphones, speakers, and other audio products. This is to further maximize the potential of our B&O devices when it comes to functionality, features, and performance.

The common issues that software updates can solve are battery life, stability of the different B&O play devices, and general improvements. We, consumers and owners, can choose to update our devices to the newest software version. We also have the choice not to do so.

According to B&O, it is necessary to update the firmware of our device. This is so we can enjoy the latest released features that our headphones become capable of after the update.

How to Update the Firmware of Your Bang & Olufsen Headphones

Step 1: Download and Install the Beoplay Software Updater on Windows PC

The file size for the B&O software updater is roughly around 34MB. You can download it at the website.

There is a software version for MAC users in case you do not have a windows PC. You can also update your headphones using the beoplay app. It is available on iOS and Android devices.

download and install the b&o beoplay software updater to Update Bang and Olufsen Headphone's Firmware

Step 2: Run the Software Updater

Search for the Beoplay app in your files. You can do this by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard or hit the window logo on the lower-left corner of your desktop screen. This will show the “Start Menu.”

Afterward, type the beoplay software. Windows will then show you the said app. Run or execute the software.

Step 3: Select your B&O Product for firmware update

In the B&O window, you will see the list of products that have an available firmware update. You can scroll up or down to see all of them.

Here is the list of supported products with have an update when I run the Beoplay software updater:

  • Beoplay A2
  • A2 Active
  • Beolit 15
  • Beolit 17
  • Beoplay S3
  • Beoplay A1
  • Beoplay H8
  • Beoplay H7
  • Beoplay H9
  • Beoplay P2
  • Beoplay P6
  • Beoplay H9i
  • Beoplay H9 3rd Gen
  • Beoplay H8i

It is important that you select the right product model to avoid any issues in the future.

For this particular tutorial, I will select the Beoplay H9i in the list since I have it at hand.

select your bang and olufsen headphone products

Step 4: Download the New Firmware for your Beoplay Products

You can check which type of improvement you are about to install to your product. The beoplay software app will also show you the “version” of the update.

For example, my Beoplay H9i has an update that says “Support for proximity sensor in the Band & Olufsen app.”

I have the choice to update or not to the latest firmware. Since I think the update is necessary, then I will proceed with the “Download.”

Step 5: Connect your Bang and Olufsen Product to your Computer

Connect your USB type C cable to your B&O product and connect the other end to your Windows PC or MAC.

connect usb type c to bang and olufsen h9i headphone and computer to update its firmware

Afterward, slide the function button towards the Bluetooth icon. Hold the button in that position for 12 seconds or until the LED flashes red. You can see the function button on the housing of the right ear cushion.

push the function button towards the bluetooth icon

Tip: Make sure to use a genuine beoplay cable as it has support for both data and charging features. Non-genuine cables sometimes only have support for charging and not data transfer. You cannot use the latter when updating your beoplay to the new firmware. The original cable that comes when you purchase your product has a B&O logo engraved on it.

Step 6: Update the Firmware of your Beoplay Headphone Product

Once you have done the process correctly in Step 5. The beoplay software updater will automatically update your product’s firmware.


Afterward, the updater will inform you that you have successfully updated the firmware of your device.

By this time, you can now disconnect the cable to your device and can start using it.


How to update your product’s firmware using the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Mobile App

You can update your product via wifi and while on the go using your mobile data. All you need to do is download the beoplay app on the android and iOS apps store.

  • Step 1: Download the beoplay app on your iOS or Android Device

On the AppStore, you can select the term “beoplay,” or “B&O.” Then install the application to your smartphone.

  • Step 2: Select and Connect your device to the app via Bluetooth

Turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone as well as on your supported beoplay audio products.

  • Step 3: Go to the Product Settings under Product Information

After you select the correct audio product go to the “Product Information.”

Take time to explore the beoplay app so you will be familiar with its “User Interface.” The app will also help you get familiar with the features of your product.

  • Step 4: Go to Software and Update your Device to the new firmware

There will be an update link assuming there is a new firmware version for your device. Otherwise, none.


Updating the software of your bang and Olufsen products may take time and effort. But, it is worth it. The reason is we will be able to enjoy the latest features that the new firmware can offer.

For example, depending on the purpose of the update. The firmware will make our device more stable and the battery life will increase. We will also be able to enjoy new features without replacing our current b&o device.

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