How to Update WiFi Password on Epson L3100, L3110, L3150 Printer?

If you change your wifi password or install a new WiFi router, chances are you won’t be able to print using your Epson L3110, L3100, L3150, or other L series wireless printer. The main reason is that your printer cannot connect to your new WiFi router.

I encounter this issue recently because I change the password for my WiFi router. When I tried printing a document using my Epson L3150 all-in-one printer. It was unsuccessful. Moreover, the popup window also shows that the printer is not found.

The main reason the Epson L-series wireless printer is unable to connect to the new WiFi is that the old wifi password stored in the printer and the updated wifi router’s password do not match.

To be able to print again on your Epson printer via wifi connection. You need to update the password stored on your printer so it can connect to your WiFi network successfully.

The process is quite simple and it is the same in all Epson L Series (L3110, L3100, or L3150) printers. You do not need an installation CD that is included in the package when you bought your L Series printer. The only thing that you need to do is run the Epson Printer Connection Checker on your windows pc.

Follow these simple steps to update the wifi password on your Epson wireless printer.

Step 1. Press the Windows key or icon on your pc

There are two ways to do it. You can either press the window key on your keyboard or use your mouse to hit the window/start icon located on the lower-left corner on your desktop screen. Afterward, search for the Epson printer connection checker app.
epson printer connection checker

Step 2. Run the connection checker app

In the app, select your printer model which in my case is supposed to be the Epson l3150 series or any other wireless printer with no LCD display.

Allow the application to diagnose your printer connection. It may take a few minutes so please be patient.
epson-printer-connection-checker-step-3The app will most likely tell you that the connection settings between your printer and your windows pc do not match.

Step 3. Download and run the Epson printer installer

Based on the Epson connection checker, you need to download and run the installer so choose “YES” in the option.

epson printer wifi connection checker step 7

Follow the instruction on the app to download and run the installer.

Step 4. Select your connection method

The installer will ask you about your printer’s connection method. The choices are “Connect via wireless network (Wi-Fi),” or via “USB connection.” Select the first choice as it is more simple than via USB connection.

epson l3150 printer update wifi network step 9

Choose to connect via wifi connection. The reason is that it is more convenient and hassle-free.

Step 5. Press the wifi button on your printer and hit the next on your PC screen

In this part, make sure that your Epson wireless printer is nearby. If so, then press the “WiFi button” approximately for 5 seconds on the printer panel until the wifi led lights flash alternately.

wifi button on epson wireless printer

Afterward, press the “Next” button on your windows pc screen. To continue with the next setup process.

Step 6. Choose your preferred IP address settings

There are two options. The automatic configuration and the manual configuration. To avoid the hassle, just choose the “IP Address Configuration (DHCP)” option. Then hit Next.

Step 7. Print a test page

By this time the installation and setup are finished and the wifi password stored on your Epson wireless printer is updated.

congratulations you have finished setting up your printer

You can skip this last step. Though just to be sure, I suggest that you print a test page using your Epson L3110, L3100, or L3150. If you are successful then hit the “Finish” button on the screen.

That’s basically it guys.


Occasionally updating the wifi password stored on your Epson wireless printer is inevitable. Because you also need to occasionally change your wifi password to protect your network from unwanted visitors.

When the time comes that you need again to update the wifi password on your Epson wireless printer. You can always go back to this post.

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