How to Update SSS Member Information Online in 3 Minutes

You can update, correct, or change the typo errors on your sss member information through your my.sss account in 3 minutes. You will also know here the selected member information that you can amend online and the complete steps to do so.

As an SSS member, it is necessary that we maintain an up-to-date record with the social security system. There are two reasons: first is to avoid delays when it comes to processing our benefits, applying for loans, and other related transactions. Second, when something wrong happens to us, our beneficiaries can receive the appropriate benefits for them. Such as a monthly pension to our primary beneficiary or a lumpsum amount to our secondary beneficiaries.

For making complex changes to your membership information such as updating your list of dependents, or changing your civil status from married to single. You still need to personally submit a properly accomplished SSS E-4 form and documents to the nearest sss branch.

Meanwhile, you can amend simple corrections such as typo errors on your member information online via your my.sss account. For example, you can correct typo errors on your name, change the suffix or prefix, gender, and correct your middle name.

You can also update your civil status from single to married (only) online. Moreover, you can convert your membership status from temporary to permanent. Keep in mind that you need to upload supporting documents once you are finished doing minor corrections.

On the other hand, you cannot use the SSS member data change request simple correction feature if you will process death claims, funeral claims, retirement claims, and total disability claims. You have to set an appointment to visit the nearest sss branch for those types of concerns.

How to Correct and Update Member Information in SSS Online

Step 1: Go to and login to your my.sss account

Proceed to the official website of sss which is At the right-hand part of the page, under “Portal” select the “Member” link. It will lead you to the member login page.

In the appropriate space, type in your User ID and password. Tick also the “I’m not a robot” Recaptcha. Afterward, submit.

Step 2: Proceed to Request Member Data Change (Simple Correction) under the E-Services Tab

Hover your mouse over the E-Services tab to see the drop-down menu. Then go to the “Request Member Data Change (simple correction) link.

go to request for member data change simple correction tab

Step 3: Update or Correct Typo Errors on your Basic Information

Select the data that you want to amend. For example, you can select “Name” to correct typo errors on your full name. The list of information that you can amend are the following:

  • Change the vowels on your name. For example, “i” to “e” or “o” to “u.”
  • Correct 1 to 2 letters on your name and add or delete spaces whenever is appropriate.
  • Correct your prefix name such as changing “Ma” to Maria.
  • Update the suffix name such as JR or SR
  • Encoding your complete middle name instead of just the middle initial. For example, “G” to “Gomez” or from “T” to “Torres.”

Double-check the information that you encode to avoid any issues in the future.

request member data change simple correction page

Step 4: Upload your Supporting Documents to SSS

At this point, you need to upload the supporting documents relative to the member information that you amend.

For example, you change your civil status from “Single” to “Married.” You need to upload a scanned copy of your marriage contract or marriage certificate issued by NSO or Municipal civil registrar. If you need to correct your gender then you have to upload an NSO birth certificate.

Browse the file on your personal computer. Afterward, hit the “Upload” link. You should attach a readable PDF file or colored photo. The maximum file size should be 2MB.

The type of supporting documents that you need to upload varies on the information that you need to correct or change. You can view the complete list of supporting documents in the “Required Supporting Documents” link that you can see on the page.

Step 5: Check your Email for the Request Member Data Change Notification from SSS

After you are finished making the amendments to your member information. SSS will send you an email notification about your member data change request.

sss will send you system generated email

The email contains the transaction number, the date you submit your request, and the type of correction. Here is an example of the email:

Dear Sir/Madam,

You have successfully submitted your Member Data Change Request (Simple Corrections) to SSS. Please take note of your transaction details below:

Transaction Number: MO12345678910111

Date Submitted: January 21, 2022 01:50:09 PM

Request: Correction of Name Due to Change in Civil Status

You shall receive an email informing you of the status of your request.

Thank you for using the SSS Website!

This is a system-generated e-mail. Please do not reply.

At this point, all you need to do is wait. The SSS staff will review your quest. They will decide whether they will approve your request or not.

Note: You can only request for member data change one at a time. You can request another data change once your pending request is processed.

Step 6: View the Update/Change on your SSS Records

Login again to your my.sss account by doing step 1. Once the SSS staff approves your request. The changes will appear on your my.sss account.

If your request for “Member Data Change (Simple Corrections) is rejected. SSS will send you another system-generated email informing you of the reason why your request is not approved. It contains your transaction number and the type of request that you process.

request member data change simple corrections email sample rejected

SSS also tells you in the email to retry submitting your request through your My.sss account. Of course this time you should submit the complete documents.

How to Get a Member’s Data Change Request Form?

To get a member’s data change request Form, go to the sss website, then at the homepage, go to the “Forms” link located at the bottom of the page. Under Member Forms, tap the “Member’s Data Change Request” to download the Form.

How to Schedule an Appointment in SSS?

To schedule an appointment in SSS, login to your online account on the SSS website then go to Appointment System under Member Info Tab. From there, select your preferred appointment date to the SSS branch.

*There you have it guys. I hope this helps!

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