How to Verify TESDA Certificate: Online and Manually

TESDA Certificate verification is a process of verifying the authenticity of a National Certificate issued by a TESDA Assessment Center.

TESDA Certificate, also called National Certificate (NC), proves that a person passed the test conducted by an accredited TESDA training center. The National Certificate (NC) is also a sign that TESDA has your name on its database of registered workers.

Employers and recruitment agencies have the option to verify the TESDA NC certificate for its authenticity and validity. This is to determine if the person they are hiring is competent or has the required skills for the position.

Graduates who pass the assessment exam can verify the NC 2 certificate online in TESDA to know if their name is part of the roster. This will assure them that the training center they have enrolled in has accreditation from the government training institution.

How to Verify TESDA Certificate Online

To verify TESDA Certificate online, visit TESDA’s website, tap the “Verification” link, then tap the “Registry of Certified Workers”, select the Certificate’s issuance date, input the worker’s name, and certificate number then Search.

Step 1: Visit the TESDA website at

Tesda’s official website is You can search it using your favorite browser or type the exact URL to your browser’s search bar.

Step 2: Hover your mouse to the Verification link

Mouse over to the verification link located in the upper middle part of the homepage to see the dropdown menu. In the menu’s choices select “Registry of Certified Workers.”

step 1 visit the tesda website

Step 3: Select the TESDA NC Certificate Issuance Date

TESDA’s certificate issuance date is divided into two choices. These are “2016 Issuance and Earlier,” and “2017 Onwards Issuance.” Select the former if the NC certificate that you will verify was issued in 2016 and beyond. Meanwhile, select 2017 onwards if the TESDA certificate that you want to verify was issued in 2017 and over.

step 2 select issuance date of tesda certificate

Step 4: Type the Worker’s Name, and Certificate Number then Verify

In the given space, type the last name, first name, first four digits, and last four digits of the certificate number of the tesda certified worker that you want to verify. Afterward, double-check the spelling and the numbers, then hit the search button to verify the information.

registered tesda certificate 2017 and above

The tesda website will show you if they have the name of the graduate in their registry. You can also view the qualification title of the worker. For example, if the worker passes the assessment exam for Carpentry NC II then the latter will also show up on the page. Moreover, it will also reflect the issuance date of the certificate and its validity.

Tesda will also show you if the certificate has expired. On the other hand, if tesda does not have the worker’s name on their records, they will show you the “No Data Found” notification.

verify tesda certificate nc IIWatch the instructional video for a demonstration on how to verify the TESDA National Certificate online.

How to Verify Tesda Certificate Manually

Suppose you are not able to verify the national certificate online because the website shows the “No Record Found” notification. The alternative option is to visit the TESDA Provincial Office or the Tesda Regional Office to have the national certificate NC verified for its authenticity.

How to Renew the National Certificate in TESDA?

To renew the National Certificate in TESDA, go to the Assessment Center that issued the old National Certificate, then apply for renewal by filling out the renewal Form, submitting the requirements, paying the renewal fee, and claiming the new National Certificate.


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