Here’s How to Verify if a School is TESDA-accredited

TESDA-accredited School refers to trade schools, technical schools, and vocational schools authorized and designated by TESDA to offer its registered training programs. A School is accredited if it has obtained a Permit from TESDA by complying with its policies and regulations.

To Verify if a School is TESDA-accredited, visit TESDA’s website at, tap the “Verification” link, then tap the “TVI with Registered Programs” on the drop-down menu. Input the School name and course name into the online form then tap the search button. If TESDA shows the school’s name on its database then the school is TESDA-accredited.

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How to Check if a School is TESDA-accredited

Below is the 3-step guide to check the accreditation of the school.

Step 1: Visit TESDA’s official website

The official website of TESDA is, enter the URL on the search bar of your web browser then press enter on your computer keyboard.

Step 2: Tap the Verification link

Tap the verification link on the navigation bar’s top-center to view a drop-down menu. Tap the “TVI with Registered Programs” link on the list of choices.

Step 3: Enter the Course name, School name, and Location on the online form.

Enter the name of the course on the online form underneath the “Course,” enter the School name on the online form underneath the “School,” and enter your city/province on the online form underneath the “Location.” Afterward, tap the “Search” button.

If you see the school’s name on the list with the correct school address and correct course name, then the school is TESDA-accredited.

How to Register for a Course Offered by TESDA-accredited School?

To register for a Course offered by TESDA-accredited School, visit the school’s office, then submit a filled-out registration form and other requirements, and pay the tuition fee. Afterward, attend the Course by going to class based on the schedule indicated by the school.


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