Video of Angel Locsin’s Voice Impersonator Jenny Escalada Goes Viral

I was visiting Angel Locsin’s official facebook page when I saw this video on its timeline. It was about Pinoy Pop Superstar finalist Jenny Escalada by far one of the best voice impersonators of Angel Locsin. Jenny Escalada together with another stand-up comedienne Iyah was featured in this 4-minute video excerpt from ABS CBN’s late-night gag show “Banana Split.”

Jenny Escalada impersonating Angel Locsin’s voice at first was not recognized but then it was realized by the Iyah. Both stand up comedienne had a dare asking if Jenny can act as Angel Locsin. Jenny then accepts the dare and proceeds with delivering Angel Locsin’s lines in the blockbuster romantic drama film “One More Try.” Later on, real cast Zanjoe Marudo was invited to join the stage and re-enact his scene with Grace delivering the lines “Do you really love me or you just used me a rebound” (Minahal mo ba talaga ako o ginawa mo lang akong panakip butas).

The audience has expressed amusement and positive remarks towards the stand-up comedienne Jenny Escalada. The video was uploaded on Facebook as of writing it already has 12000 plus likes, 15000 plus shares, and received more than 2500 positive comments.

Watch the video below:

Jenny Escalada’s Angel Locsin impersonation starts at 4:25, but I suggest that you watch it from the start simply because the whole video is hilarious.
*Credits to the video uploader

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