(Video) Sarah Geronimo Revealed that Matteo Guidicelli is Her Boyfriend

Sarah Geronimo finally revealed that Matteo Guidicelli is her boyfriend. For months, rumors surfaced online and in show business that the actress Sarah Geronimo and actress Matteo Guidicelli are in a relationship.

It was backed by numerous public displays of affection (PDAs) photos of them surfaced in social media and in the news. However, in several interviews, Sarah Geronimo was still unsure what to say regarding their relationship status. Perhaps, she is waiting for the right time to reveal whatever is between them.

sarah geronimo boyfriend is matteo guidicelli

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On June 19, 2014, Sarah Geronimo admitted in an interview during the “Maybe This Time” movie victory party that Matteo Guidicelli is now her boyfriend. She also revealed that they call each other “Mahal.”

Watch the video from the ABS-CBN news youtube channel:

Here’s how the interview goes:

Reporter: “First of all, yung tawagan n’yo ni Matteo na Mahal, talaga bang yun ang tawagan n’yong dalawa?”
Sarah G: “Oo naman, kasi, o sige sabihin ko na po, boyfriend ko po si Matteo, at yun so yun.”
“Kasi marami na rin nag sasabi na paligo’y ligoy so diba, yon, yun po.”

Update as of 2019:
In November 2019, Matteo Guidicelli posted on his Instagram account @matteog photos of him and Sarah playing around. Sarah Geronimo particularly held the neck of Matteo with her two hands.

What’s really noticeable is the beautiful diamond ring that the actress wears on the fourth finger of her left hand. The photo was accompanied by the caption: “I love you my love, now and forever.” This hinted that the couple is now engaged. The engagement happens after being in a relationship for 6 years. The proposal took place in Cebu together with the actor’s relatives.

During a Vlog with Dr. Vicky Belo that premiered on @vickibelo’s youtube channel on December 17, 2020, titled “Sarah G Talks About Married Life.” Sarah Geronimo Guidicelli revealed that what took place in Cebu was Matteo’s second proposal. The first engagement proposal took place in Italy together with the actor’s family.

Update as of 2020:
After three months of engagement, the couple is now married. The wedding ceremony took place on the evening of February 20, 2020, in a church somewhere in Taguig City.

You can follow Matteo Guidicelli on his Instagram account to know the latest happenings to the couple.

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