67+ Visa-Free Countries for Philippine Passport Holders 2024

Visa-Free Countries for Filipinos are countries that permit entry of Philippine Passport holders without a travel visa. There are 69 Countries Visa-Free for Philippine Passport holders in 2024 according to PASSPORT INDEX (passportindex.org).

These Countries allow Filipinos to travel and stay within their territories between 14 to 180 days without requiring a visa. The duration enables Filipinos to attend functions and events, study short courses, have leisure, and visit relatives.

Philippine Passport holders are able to travel to 35 countries without a Visa, 26 countries with a visa on arrival, and 13 countries with an eVisa in 2024.
visa free countries for philippine passport 2022For first-time Filipino travelers, it would be better to visit countries that do not need a Visa. The advantage is you will be exposed to a Culture different from the Philippines without hassle.

Please find below the respective countries that you can visit without a Visa, visa-on-arrival, and e-visa to Philippine Passport holders.

Here are 18 Asian Countries that offer Visa-Free Entry for Filipinos in 2024

  • Brunei – 14 days
  • Cambodia – up to 30 days
  • Indonesia – 30 days
  • Laos – 30 days
  • Malaysia – 30 days
  • Singapore – 30 days
  • Thailand – 30 days
  • Vietnam – 21 days
  • Hong Kong – 14 days
  • Macao – 30 days
  • Mongolia – 21 days
  • Israel – 90 days
  • Taiwan – 14 days
  • Myanmar (Burma) – 14 days
  • Kazakhstan – 30 days
  • South Korea (depending on the point of entry)
  • Palestinian Territories
  • Tajikistan – 30 days

Here are 9 Asian Countries that allow Visa on Arrival and eVisa for Filipinos

  • Armenia – 120 Days
  • Georgia – up to 90 days
  • India – 30 days (travelers’ point of entry must be New Delhi and Mumbai airports)
  • Iran – 7 days (Filipinos must have the details of their hotel booking and the contact number of the person inviting them)
  • Kyrgyzstan – 30 days month. Visa on arrival is available at Manas International Airport
  • Maldives – 30 days (Filipino should have a return/onward ticket and enough funds)
  • Nepal – up to 150 days
  • Sri Lanka – 30 days
  • Timor-Leste – 30 days

Here are 8 Countries Visa-Free for Filipinos in North America, South America, and Central America

  • Bolivia – 90 days
  • Brazil – 90 days
  • Colombia – 90 days can be extended for another 90 days
  • Peru – 180 days
  • Suriname – 30 days
  • Costa Rica – 30 days, can be extended for a total of 90 days
  • Haiti – 90 days
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines – 90 days

Here are 5 Countries with Visa on Arrival, and eVisa for Filipinos in North America, South America, and Central America

  • Nicaragua – 30 days
  • Dominica
  • Saint Lucia – 42 days
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis – 30 days
  • Trinidad and Tobago

Here are 4 Visa-Free Countries in Africa for Filipinos

  • Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) – 90 days
  • Morocco – 90 days
  • Gambia – 90 days
  • Rwanda – 90 days

17 African countries Visa on Arrival and eVisa for Filipinos

  • Cape Verde
  • Comoros – 45 days
  • Djibouti
  • Guinea – Bissau – 90 days
  • Kenya – 90 days
  • Madagascar – 90 days
  • Malawi – 30 days can be extended to 90 days
  • Mauritania
  • Mauritius – 60 days
  • Mozambique – 30 days
  • Togo – 15 days
  • Uganda
  • Gabon – 90 days
  • Lesotho – 14 days
  • Sao Tome and Principe
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

Here are 3 Oceania Countries Visa free for Filipinos

  • Fiji – 120 days / 4 months
  • Micronesia – 30 days
  • Vanuatu – 30 days

5 Oceania Countries Visa on Arrival for Filipinos

  • Marshall Islands – 90 days
  • Palau – 30 days (Filipinos must have return/onward plane ticket)
  • Papua New Guinea – 60 days
  • Samoa – 90 days
  • Tuvalu – 30 days

You can use the list as your reference whenever you are looking for countries that have visa-free (no visa requirements), visa-on-arrival, and eVisa policy for Philippine passport holders.

How many Countries require a Travel Visa from Philippine Passport Holders?

There are 120 Countries that require a travel visa from Philippine Passport Holders including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Greece, Ireland, France, and Iceland.

Travel visa refers to an official document that Philippine Passport Holders obtain from their destination country to authorize them to enter its border and territory.

What are the Advantages of Traveling to Visa-Free Countries for Filipinos

The advantages refer to the helpful effects of traveling to visa-free countries for Filipinos.

1. Saves you Money

Traveling to visa-free countries allows you to save money. You do not need to apply for a travel visa which probably costs thousands of pesos to cover the processing fee charged by the embassy of the destination country. Plus, the fact that there is no assurance that your visa application will be granted.

Some countries only offer a 1-year single/multiple entry visa to their borders, this means that every year you need to spend cash to process a visa.

2. Allows you to travel immediately

Visa-free countries allow you to travel immediately with little to no preparation. You can take advantage of the long weekends plus 1-day leave (hahaha) in the Philippines to enjoy 4 days 3 nights tour to a visa-free country.

When a long weekend shows up in your schedule, you can just purchase an airline ticket ahead of time and you are good to go. There are airfare promotions from airline companies that you can utilize to save more.

However, when traveling to countries that require a visa,  you have to consider the visa validity duration, which must coincide with your scheduled vacation leave in your company, and it should also coincide with an affordable airline ticket. Otherwise, you will probably have a hard time making a decision to carry out your plans or just cancel them.

3. No need to fill out visa application form and submit requirements

Visa-free countries do not require you to fill out a visa application form and submit requirements.

4. You will gain Travel Experience

Traveling outside of the Philippines is not always a walk in the park or pure enjoyment. Sometimes, you will also encounter issues and problems that you can learn something from. Take note of the troubles you encounter and the solutions that you have done. Make sure that when you go out of the country, you will reduce the chance that it will happen again.

5. Experience Different Cultures and Seasons

When you travel outside of the country, you will be exposed to different cultures aside from the Philippines. You will know the dos and don’ts in your destination country.

You will have a bird’s eye view of how the locals live their lives, the cost of living, popular local food, discipline, weather, dress code, and history.

You can also compare the different airline inflight food to know which among offers the best-tasting budget food.

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