75+ Visa Free Countries for Philippine Passport Holders 2021

These are the ultimate list of visa free countries for Philippine Passport holders in 2021. Awesomely, Filipinos can travel to 33 countries Visa Free, 29 countries that issue Visa on Arrival, and 14 countries that issue eVisa in 2021.

Most of the Filipinos can now travel the world thanks to affordable airfare being offered by airline companies. You may check the list of budget airline companies later below. Philippine passport holders need next is the list of countries they want to visit to know if it requires a visa, visa free, visa on arrival, or e-visa to be permitted entry in its borders.

The tedious part of traveling for Philippine passport holders is when the destination country requires a visa. It is needed to be planned maybe 4 to 6 months prior to the date of departure. Unlike if traveling to visa free countries which probably needs less than a month or just a week of planning.

The reason is visa requiring countries need a massive number of documents from Filipino travelers such as filled out visa application form, need to produce bank statement of account, employment certificate, hotel bookings, and sometimes flight ticket/reservations.

When all the documents are presented to the countries’ embassy, they will still need to verify it which sometimes requires another 3 weeks before the traveler knows if the visa is granted. The visa processing fee is also not refundable if the visa application was denied.

Good thing is that there are a handful of countries that permits Philippine passport holders to enter their borders without visa, or need only a visa on arrival, or e-visa which is a lot easier to process.
visa free countries for philippine passportIf you are a first-time traveler I would suggest that you try visiting first the countries that are visa free to be exposed to other culture other than the Philippines. Please find below the respective countries that have visa free, visa on arrival, and e-visa policy for Philippine passport holders.

16 Captivating Asian Countries Visa free for Philippine Passport Holders 2021

  • Brunei Darussalam – 14 days
  • Cambodia – 15 days
  • Indonesia – 30 days
  • Laos – 30 days
  • Malaysia – 30 days
  • Myanmar – 14 days
  • Singapore – 30 days
  • Thailand – 30 days
  • Viet Nam – 21 days. Single entry eVisa is valid for 30 days
  • Hong Kong – 14 days
  • Macau – 30 days
  • Mongolia – 21 days
  • Israel – 90 days
  • Taiwan – 14 days (extended until July 31, 2020)
  • Myanmar (Burma) – 14 days visa free, need to apply for eVisa for 28 days stay, visa holders must arrive via Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw or Mandalay airports
  • Palestinian Territories

12 Asian Countries that allows Visa on Arrival and eVisa for Filipinos

  • Armenia – 120 Days
  • Azerbaijan – eVisa required (need to inquire at the embassy Republic of Azerbaijan of what Visa is applicable to Philippine Passport holders)
  • Georgia
  • India – 60 days, e-visa holders must arrive through 24 designated airports and / or 3 designated seaports
  • Iran – 30 days
  • Kyrgyzstan – 1 month. Visa on arrival is available at Manas International Airport
  • Maldives – 30 days
  • Nepal – 90 days
  • Sri Lanka – 30 days
  • Timor-Leste – 30 days
  • Tajikistan – 45 days via Dushanbe International Airport
  • United Arab Emirates – need to apply for eVisa and need to print eVisa confirmation

9 Beautiful Countries in North, South, and Central America Visa Free for Filipinos

  • Bolivia – 90 days
  • Brazil – 90 days
  • Colombia – 90 days can be extended for another 90 days
  • Ecuador
  • Peru – 183 days
  • Suriname – 90 days
  • Costa Rica – 30 days, can be extended for total of 90 days
  • Haiti – 3 months
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines – 1 month

5 Countries in North, South, and Central America Visa on Arrival and eVisa for Filipinos

  • Nicaragua – 90 days
  • Dominica
  • Saint Lucia – 6 weeks
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis – 30 days
  • Trinidad and Tobago

4 Africa Countries Visa free for Filipinos

  • Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) – 90 days
  • Morocco – 90 days
  • Gambia – 90 days
  • Rwanda – 90 days

17 Africa Countries Visa on Arrival and eVisa for Filipinos

  • Cape Verde
  • Comoros – 45 days
  • Djibouti
  • Guinea – Bissau – 90 days
  • Kenya – 3 months
  • Madagascar – 30 days (free visa on arrival)
  • Malawi – 30 days can be extended to 90 days
  • Mauritania – Visa on arrival available at Nouakchott-Oumtounsy International Airport
  • Mauritius – 60 days
  • Mozambique – 30 days
  • Togo – 7 days
  • Uganda
  • Gabon – E-Visa holders must arrive via Libreville International Airport
  • Lesotho
  • Sao Tome and Principe
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

3 Oceania Countries Visa free for Filipinos

  • Fiji – 4 months
  • Micronesia – 30 days
  • Vanuatu – 30 days

5 Oceania Countries Visa on Arrival for Filipinos

  • Marshall Islands – 90 days
  • Palau – 30 days
  • Papua New Guinea – 60 days
  • Samoa – 60 days
  • Tuvalu – 1 month

1 Europe Country Visa free for Philippine Passport Holders

  • Kosovo – Visa free for 15 days of stay, if you have a valid Schengen Visa

You can use the list as your reference whenever you are looking for the countries that have visa free (no visa requirements), visa on arrival, and eVisa policy for Philippine passport holders.

5 Advantages of Traveling to Visa Free Countries

Based on experience, here are the pros of traveling to visa free countries for Filipinos holding a Philippine Passport. This is also applicable to other nationalities whose country ranks lower when comes to passport’s power to travel visa-free.

1. Saves you Money

Traveling to visa-free countries can basically save you money. You do not need to apply for a visa which probably costs thousands of pesos to cover the processing fee charged by the embassy of the destination country. Plus, the fact that there is no assurance that your visa application will be granted.

There are also countries that only offer a 1-year single / multiple entry visa to their borders, this means that every year you need to shell out cash to process again your visa.

For example, Australian visitor visa cost around 135 AUD or Php 4700, while Schengen visa cost around 60 Euros or roughly 3300.00 Philippine peso, Korean visa application cost around Php 1000.00, and USA tourist visa cost around 160 USD or roughly Php 8500. All the visa application fees mentioned are on a per applicant basis. For me, that is expensive.

Imagine, your visa application gets denied ones for whatever reason. You probably going to be sad for a week or two because oftentimes the processing fees are not refundable.

2. You can travel right away

When you have the budget, you basically can travel immediately with little to no preparation. You can take advantage of the long weekends plus 1-day leave (hahaha) in the Philippines to enjoy 4 days 3 nights tour to a visa-free country.

When a long weekend shows up in your schedule, you can just purchase an airline ticket ahead of time and you are good to go. There are airfare promotions from airline companies which you can utilize to save more.

However, when traveling to countries that require a visa,  you have to consider the visa validity duration, which must coincide with your scheduled vacation leave in your company, and it should also coincide with an affordable airline ticket. Otherwise, you will probably have a hard time making a decision to carry out your plans or just cancel it.

3. No need to fill out visa application form and Produce Documents

If you are a first-time traveler, I tell you visa application and producing documents is one of the tedious and overwhelming parts of traveling to visa-required countries. There are online forms and hard copies that you need to accomplish to start with your application process.

You have to research how to fill out the visa application form properly to increase the chance of your visa getting approved.

You also do not need to produce documents required by the embassy of your destination country. These are the usual requirements for visa application:

  • bank statement for your evidence of funds
  • employment contract/certificate to show that you have significant reason to go back to the Philippines
  • cover letter to know the reason why you want to visit your chosen country and tourist destinations you are going to visit
  • recent passport size photo ID
  • birth certificate (if you will be traveling with your children) and marriage certificate

These documents take time to produce and sometimes incur an extra cost on your part. You need to go to your bank to request a statement of account. Visit your Human Resource department (HR) to request proof that you are one of their employees.

Preparing a convincing cover letter with your day to day itinerary to persuade the screening immigration officer to allow you to enter their country.

You have to visit a photo studio to get a new passport size photo ID which probably costs more than a hundred pesos.  If for any unfortunate reason, you do not have a birth or marriage certificate, you have to visit the Philippine Statistics Office (NSO) and request for a certified true copy of your documents.

4. You will gain Travel Experience

Traveling outside of the Philippines is not always a walk in the park or pure enjoyment. Sometimes, you will also encounter issues and problems that you can learn something from. Take note of the troubles you encounter and the solutions that you have done. Make sure that when you go out of the country, you will reduce the chance that it will happen again.

For example, prohibited items in hand-carry luggage. Imagine, you have a one-month-old 100ml perfume that costs around 5000 pesos. Whether you like it or not, you have to throw it away once the screening officer in the airport tells you that you cannot hand-carry it.

Another experience is the excess kilos in your checked-in baggage. There are airline companies that charge 600 pesos per kilo for excess baggage. For some reason, you have 5 kilos of excess baggage. It will cost you an unnecessary expense worth 3000 pesos which you can eliminate if you have prior travel experience.

5. Experience the different culture and Seasons

When you travel outside of the country, of course, you will be exposed to different cultures aside from the Philippines. You will know the dos and don’ts in your destination country.

You will have a bird’s eye view of how the locals live their lives, the cost of living, popular local food, discipline, weather, dress code, and history. There are cities that are visa-free for Philippine passport to experience winter such as St. Petersburg in Russia. You can also compare different airline inflight food to know which among them offer the best tasting budget food.

Philippine Passport Visa-Free Travel Rank in 2020

The Philippines has a passport power rank of 66 and a mobility score of 75 when comes to travel freedom for its citizen without the need for a Visa according to www.passportindex.org. As of 2020, there is a total of 36 countries that have Visa Free, 47 Countries with visa on arrival, and/or eVisa entry policy for Philippine passport holders.

These include ASEAN countries, other countries in Asia (none ASEAN), Africa, North, Central, and South America, one country in Europe, and several Oceania countries.

Passportindex.org also shows that there are 123 countries requiring Filipinos to apply for a visa before they are allowed to enter their respective borders. This includes but not limited to Schengen area countries, the USA, and Australia.

Another reference, www.henleypassportindex.com/passport in their 2020 data, ranked the Philippines at number 76th which means that the passport holder can travel to 67 destination countries visa free, 29 of which requires visa on arrival, and 1 requires an electronic travel authorization (eTA). On the other hand, there is a total of 159 visa required destinations, 22 of which require an eVisa.

On the other hand, Foreigners from 157 countries can travel to the Philippines without the need to apply for a visa.

Different Types of Visa for Filipinos

Visa-Free entry countries

These are the list of countries that allow Philippine passport holders to enter their borders without the need for Visa and stay there for a period of time.

Visa on arrival countries

These are the countries that will require Filipinos a visa before they are allowed to enter their borders. The visa is acquired at the airport, seaport, or point of entry of the said country. There is a fee for this particular type of visa and it will be issued by an immigration officer. There is no need for a prior visa application.

Electronic Visa (eVisa)

You need to apply for this visa online (usually at the embassy website of respective countries). There is no label or stamp that will be attached to your passport. Your visa is linked to your passport number which can be accessed by airline company prior to departure and immigration officer upon arrival to your destination country.

Visa Required

This means that you need to acquire a visa before the host country allows you to enter their borders. Usually, you need to provide your personal documents, travel itinerary, return ticket depending on the country, supporting documents for proof of financial capacity, and biometrics.

The visa policy may change without notice so it would be better that you check the respective embassy websites of the country you plan to visit for the updates regarding this matter.

Budget Airline Companies

When it comes to affordable airfares, Filipino passport holders can always resort to budget airline companies, and sometimes to flag carriers for the latest promotions and cheap flights. Popular budget airline companies are the following:

  • AirAsia (Manila to Thailand or South Korea)
  • Cebu Pacific Air
  • Scoot Airlines (Manila to Singapore)
  • Tiger Air
  • Jetstar Airways (Manila to Singapore or Australia)
  • Jeju Air (Manila to South Korea flights)

There are also numerous travel aggregator websites and travel metasearch engines online that can help Filipinos determine which airline companies offer the cheapest airfare at the time of their search. Though what I have noticed is that it is cheaper if you will book your flight directly in the airline’s official website.

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