Want Free Cherry Mobile W900?

Cherry Mobile is giving away Cherry Mobile W900 for free every week. What you need is to take part in the temple run beat the highest score challenge officiated by the Filipino mobile phone company.

Anyone can join the cherry mobile temple run challenge. Just register to the cherry mobile android stalls where the temple run challenge is taking place. The contest will be held daily starting from 2 PM up to 5 PM only.

Contestants are allowed to have a maximum of 3 runs per day. The top score among the three trials shall be picked as the latter’s official entry. However, if you think your three runs are not enough you can still play again the next day so you would have another three (3) shots to earn the highest scorer of the week.

There are two types of winners, the daily winner, and the weekly winner. The daily highest scorer will take home a Cherry Mobile TV1 and the weekly highest score winner will get the Cherry Mobile W900 for free.

Daily and weekly winners will be announced on the cherry mobile Facebook page and on the exhibit area. To claim the prize, winners must present a valid ID.

If participating in this temple run challenge does not interest you for whatever reasons, the Cherry Mobile W900 price is only Php 9999.

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  • Semidoppel

    Hmm, I’ll tell this to my officemates, there are lots of Temple run fanatics here

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