Warning: Boracay Vacationist falls victim to New Airport Scam?

The bullet-planting scheme happening at the Ninoy International Airport that results to airport screening personnel extorting money from victims – tourists and OFWs going out of the country was not yet solved by the government. Yet, there is allegedly new scam blooming / developing again in some of the Philippines’ international and domestic airports.

The new scam is allegedly about a victim being contaminated with illegal drugs, airport security personnel will then detain the victim. They will threaten the victim that they will file charges like drug mule or drug carrier. They will extort money in exchange of victim’s release from their custody and also to withdraw the charges.

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Netizen Sheryll shared on November 4,2015 in Facebook the recent experience of her brother’s friend (victim) when it landed from Boracay. She narrated that the victim was welcomed by putting a flower necklace around his neck which suspected to be contaminated by illegal drugs. The one who put the garland was wearing gloves. The victim was then sniffed by a K9 dog for drugs, and detained by airport security personnel. For the victim’s release, the airport personnel are asking for 3K pesos. Read the full story below:

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BEWARE!!! And please share… it could save you and your loved ones.
The trend now is the ‘laglag bala’ or ‘tanim bala’. But seems like there’s something new happening at our airport. My brother messaged me thinking am flying back to Manila as he was on his way to the airport with his friend’s mom. Apparently, his friend landed from Boracay and were sniffed by a dog for drugs! Their modus upon arrival, he was welcomed and a necklace of flowers were put around his neck (with gloves). And by then, you are already contaminated with drugs. He said another way was someone will shake your hand to welcome you (again with gloves). So be very careful!

So when they arrived at the airport (security office), his friend was already detained. Officials were asking for 3k to avoid the inconvenience because they threatened he could be charged as a drug mule or drug carrier. So obviously the mom was so furious and challenged to see the CCTV and for a drug test (which he eventually had and of course was tested negative). After all the hassle, extortion from the airport officials and the mom’s conviction that her son’s innocent… he was released.

Our officials are really evil and will do anything to extort money… not even thinking of the welfare of other people!

To the Filipino travelers local and abroad, please be vigilant. As a precaution, do not allow strangers to touch your belongings, or do something to you while you are at the airport vicinity.

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