Watch Live ABS CBN TV Shows with Android Phone

Here is a tried and tested app to watch live ABS CBN TV shows with your android phone whenever and wherever you are around the world.

Before, if you want to watch TV you would limit yourself to stay indoors, especially if you have a much awaited series which is airing only once a week such as Grey’s Anatomy and The Walking Dead. Now, with your smartphone, it is no longer a problem, you can watch live TV shows anytime and anywhere even in abroad, assuming you have a fast internet connection or you are anywhere near a WiFi hotspot in any outdoor locations.

There are handfuls of apps in google play that allows you to watch local TV shows with your smartphone. I’ve tried a lot but I ended up with the one developed by Redfox Media titled Watch TV – Philippines as it is working perfectly with my brother’s android phone (HTC One X).

watch abs cbn TV shows in android watch TV philippines android app

The app is free in google play all you have to do is install it in your android powered phone. It does not require installation of adobe flash, and the channels are updated regularly (according to the description). However, as of the moment the only working channel is ABS CBN (sad). Hopefully, my other favorite channels – TV5 and GMA7 will be fixed soon.

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