Wedding Entourage Gowns List and Package Price

Wedding Entourage gowns list and package price usually vary depending on the mall stores and on the popularity of the designer/couturier that will make the complete entourage gowns. Sometimes, the cost also depends on the number of people who will be part of your lists.

If you are searching for economical yet well-crafted entourage gowns in Metro Manila, I would suggest visiting two popular malls in Divisoria. When my wife and I visit Tutuban and 168 Mall in Divisoria to canvass for the package of our wedding entourage gowns, the usual quotations we receive range from P30K to P90K.

Since we were able to ask almost all the wedding gown stores in the two malls we manage to get a quotation of P38K for an entourage composed of 15 people.

Wedding Entourage Barongs and Gowns List

  • Fathers for both Bride and Groom – 2 Piña-Jusi Barongs
  • Mothers for both Bride and Groom – 2 Gowns
  • Groom – Pants and Piña-Jusi Coat Barong
  • Bride – Wedding gown made with Duchesse Satin and comes with complete accessories
  • Maid of honor -1 long gown
  • Bridesmaid – 3 gowns
  • Best Man – 1 Piña-Jusi barong
  • Groomsmen – 3 Piña-Jusi barong
  • Flower Girls – 2 Gowns
  • Ring Bearer – 1 Piña-Jusi Barong
  • Bible Bearer – 1 Piña-Jusi Barong
  • Coin Bearer – 1 Piña-Jusi Barong

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I wrote this article to answer the comment I receive in one of my post asking about the quotation for wedding entourage list. If you are tight of budget or unwilling to spend huge amount just for the entourage (like me hahaha), you can make the above details your reference.

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