Whack Your Boss 20 Ways

Whack Your Boss 20 Ways
What will you do if your boss at the middle of busy work approached you and hear these criticisms from him.
“No no no”, “Wrong wrong wrong”
“It comes to my attention that you’re not measuring up”
“You’ll need to stay late again with no overtime”
“Your project has to be completely redone”
“You can’t seem to do anything right”Whack Your Boss

You /Us probably are one of the millions middle class workers who are encountering those criticisms daily. Lately I discover this game where you would be able to reduce your stress at work or even at home (if you have boss at home). This game will let you spend time to cool down while searching for office supplies around your cubicle to whack your boss in hilarious ways in virtual world. This can also be used as tool for anger management.

If you’re fed up with your boss then take the challenge, find the 20 ways to whack your boss in virtual world.

Whack Your Boss 2 now.
Whack Your Boss 2
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