What to Look For While Choosing Serviced Apartments for Business Travellers

Business travellers have specific requirements, depending on how long they are travelling. It must be noted as well that most serviced apartments operate a minimum stay policy during busy times of year – often seven days. This means, of course, that serviced apartments cannot necessarily be used by business travellers until the length of business travel has extended beyond the minimum stay required by the apartment owner.

Where an apartment owner’s minimum stay does fall short of the length of time spent away by a business traveller, the whole aspect of his or her business accommodation may change. The changes wrought in the environment of a traveller, by his or her choice to stay un a serviced apartment rather than an hotel (for example) serve well to illustrate the basic differences between travelling on business for a couple of days and travelling for extended periods of time.

In the business world, anything up to five nights away from home may be considered to be an acceptable trip; though it is also true to say that anything beyond one or two nights is longer than most normal business travel. The purpose of business travel, after all, is usually to attend one or two meetings and go home again; or to take part in a trade show.

Where the stay becomes significantly longer, it is for a different kind of business travel – either an on-going secondment or participation in a long and dedicated project. In either case, the demands of the business change from those where short term business travel is indicated – and so do the needs of the business traveller.

The key difference between business travel on normal length trips and business travel on long term trips is the need to relax. It is this, in essence, which defines the whole setup and purpose of a serviced apartment.

On a short business trip, the traveller is neither expected to get, nor requires, any real rest. Rather, he or she devotes most of his or her waking hours to the direct conduct of work. This may even be true at mealtimes, when he or she is entertained by clients or entertains clients on behalf of his or her business. Even with wine, an evening meal with clients and co-workers is still business.

Clearly, this is fine for a short haul trip – but over  a long period it is psychologically and financially untenable. So for longer term secondments and projects, the business traveller needs to come “home” to a domestic environment entirely separate from where he or she works, and (as far as possible) from his or her colleagues and clients.

It must be said that some long term business accommodation arrangements put up a number of colleagues in a single apartment – this is unavoidable in cost terms. However, as the environment itself is designed and works as a home rather than as an extension of the office, it is normally safe to assume that a person’s colleagues will unwind and show their personal as well as their business sides.

Bottom line: you can’t work 24 hours a day for more than a few days. This is where the apartment serves its purpose.

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