White Dove Recruitment Corporation Job Openings, POEA License Status, Contact Details, Office Address

Featured manpower agency – White Dove Recruitment Corporation, is a landbased manpower agency in the Philippines, which has been in the business since June 21, 2001 (16 years).

You can read in this post their latest job openings for 2017, POEA accreditation status, contact details, and office address. For the past 16 years, the agency has focused in providing human resource solution to different companies abroad particularly Japan.

White Dove Recruitment Corporation performs outsourcing, screening, and processing of workers. They also provide pre-employment education and deployment of quality workers to Japan.

White Dove Recruitment Corporation gives equal opportunities to high school, vocational, or college graduates to experience working and earning a salary from world class companies abroad. They also deploy engineers and graduates of 4-year technical courses to Japan.

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White Dove Recruitment Corporation hires welders, iron workers, machinist, painter, industrial packager, accountant, engineers (civil, electrical, mechanical, electronics and communications), interpreter, electronic equipment assembler, and a lot more. They have partnership with 160 plus companies around Japan.

To know more about White Dove, you can visit their official website www.whitedove.ph. For their latest job openings you may refer to the list below based on their facebook page, and official website of POEA (www.poea.gov.ph).

Job Openings in 2017 (based on their Facebook Page)

Note: for the update, you should visit their official facebook page www.facebook.com/WhiteDoveRecruitmentCorporation. Apply directly to mentioned manpower agency.

Job Openings in 2017 (based on the official website of POEA)

Japan – Job Order Balance

Welder – 512
Assembler Electric Equipment – 50
Inspector Machine – 30
Iron Worker – 30
Machinist – 94
Maintenance Automobile Repair – 18
Maintenance Machine – 30
Packager Industrial – 45
Painter – 135
Worker Casting – 44
Worker Die Cast – 30
Worker Finishing – 40
Worker Forging – 30
Worker Metal Press – 35
Electronic Equipment Assembler – 220
Accountant – 20
Engineer Chemical – 20
Engineer Electrical – 32
Engineer Electronics and Communication – 9
Engineer Mechanical Design – 43
Interpreter – 33
Interpreter Medical – 50
Mechanical Engineer – 40
Plastic Molder – 110

Note: Inquire if the listed job orders are still active or not and apply directly to White Dove

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Status of the Recruitment Agency

Upon verification from the official website of POEA, White Dove Recruitment Corporation is a landbased manpower agency in the Philippines with POEA License No. 240-LB-110812-R. Its office is located at Lot 7 – 4 Block 37 Madison South, Brgy Batino Calamba City in Laguna. It has a valid license issued by POEA with validity from November 4, 2016 to December 31, 2020.


Telephone numbers (based on poea website): (049) 5301005/ (049) 5301182 / Mobile: 09217345076
Email Address: Whitedoverecruitment@yahoo.com
Official Website: www.whitedoveph.com
Official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/WhiteDoveRecruitmentCorporation

Update about the Agency for 2023

Upon checking the POEA/DMW website. Here are the details that the website is showing. You can inquire with POEA/DMW for an update about the agency. white dove recruitment corporation poea license status 2023Read more: POEA status of YWA Human Resource Corporation

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