How to Know who are Connected to your TP-Link WiFi Router?

Your Tp-Link Wifi Router has a feature that enables you to know how many electronic devices are connected to your WiFi Network. This will help you to determine which of the connected devices are within your house and also know those that aren’t. In this post, I will show you the 3 simple steps to do it.

The number of electronic devices that require wifi connection is increasing each day. We can attribute this type of innovation to the manufacturers. They want to utilize wireless networks to make the use of their appliances more convenient to their customers.

For instance, new models of aircon, wireless printers, wireless speakers, CCTVs are now capable of connecting to wifi networks so multiple users within the household can access and control them. What the users need to do is download an application on their mobile devices and that’s it.

Being said that, this only means that there are numerous devices connected to your wifi network throughout the day. Fortunately, after you set up your tp link wifi router. You will also have the opportunity to check the list of the devices that are currently connected to your wifi network.

Aside from mentioned, there are numerous things that you can do with the latter. It will allow you to change your default admin username and password. You can also change your wifi router’s default SSID name and password.

For this particular post, however, I will only show you the steps to check the list of devices that are connected to your wifi network.

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How to know who is connected to your Tp-Link Wifi

Step 1: Log in to your TP-Link Router Admin Panel

There are two options to log in to your tp link admin panel. You can use any of your favorite web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge).

Type in on the address bar the default IP address or you can simply type in Afterward, press enter.

step 1 login to your tp link router to check connected device v2

Step 2: Type your Username and Password in the given space

Your tp link wifi router’s default username and password is usually the word “admin” in lower case letters. So, type it in the given space and hit the “Log in” button.


Step 3: Go to DHCP Clients List to view the connected devices to your wifi

Once logged in, go to the DHCP link located on the left-hand sidebar. Underneath, proceed to “DHCP Clients List” to view the list of devices connected to your wifi router.

step 4 dhcp clients list

You can see in the DHCP clients list the name of the connected device/client name, the MAC address, assigned IP, and its lease time.

Verify each connected device to know if they are within your household. You can do so by checking the devices’ names under “Client Name,” or by comparing the listed “MAC Address” to your devices at home. If you see a device that does not belong to your home, then you should change your wifi password immediately.


It is important to monitor or check who or what are the devices that are connected to your tp link wifi router. In this way, you will know if your existing username and password are still secure. If you happen to see a device that does not belong to your household. Then it is time to change your wifi router’s login details.

*I hope this helps guys!

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