Who’s That Girl Videos By Flippish.com is So Popular

Who’s that girl by Flippish.com was recently in the spotlight because of the series of strict parental guidance (SPG) videos streaming on the said website.

Several months back their main host Johnny M (JC Manicad) got interviewed by Ces Drilon in Bandila because of a complaint raised by concern citizens to the local online video channel.

Johnny M and WTG team visit clubs and bars equipped with a microphone, cameras, and lots of guts to interview pretty who’s that girl candidate. Johnny M would ask questions like age, vital statistics, talents, and skills.

After such, Johnny M will certify the girl with a Kiss done either by the latter or the host depending on the girl’s choice.

Who’s that girl videos found in Flippish.com already has more than 200,000 views. Perhaps, the main reason is Johnny M becomes a symbol of hope for average guys for the chance of meeting pretty girls even if lacking with hunk looks like their coveted actors in the Philippines.

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