Why Foreigners Love the Philippines and Make it Their Home

Check out the reasons why many foreigners love the Philippines and decided to make our country their home in this 3-minute video by Jollibee.

Days prior to the 116th Philippine Independence Day Celebration on June 12, 2014, fast-food chain giant Jollibee has released a 3-minute video titled “Bakit ang sarap maging Pilipino?” It features the many reasons why other nationalities stay in the Philippines, and sometimes they give up their own citizenship and settle here in the Philippines.

Hear the testimony of musician, Marcus Davis when he first experiences goodwill from a Filipino; listen to Russian singer, Anna Rabstun-Baylosis why she fell in love with her sweet and loving Filipino husband; imagine how Shu Wang was able to explore the Philippines with guidance from locals; and how Bryan Gallinger become a better man after living in the Philippines for 3 years.

Watch the video below courtesy of the popular fast-food chain in the Philippines:

As a Filipino living abroad, I can say many things about why I love being a Filipino. One of the reasons is that there is really no place like the Philippines.

The food, the beaches, the Filipino hospitality, and most of all my family are there. There is also no feeling of loneliness in the Philippines even for foreigners.

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