Wi-Tribe 4G Latest Broadband Plan

I saw this Wi-Tribe broadband stall in Paranaque just near the Paranaque doctors last Sunday. I ask for a brochure just to have an idea of what is their current offering.

Also, I asked if I can take picture of their displayed modem good thing the crew allowed me to. So for those who are interested, here is the actual photo of their modem that you will bring home when you avail their plans.

Wi-Tribe offering is currently available in two postpaid plans

You can choose between the two plans such as the “Move Up Plan 998”, and the “Move Up Plan 1998.” You might be thinking about the plan’s differences aside from the price, so I will give you a brief summary of it.

The plan both offer unlimited online surfing and browsing. However, they have different data transfer speeds on the first data usage allowance per month. For plan 998 the speed is only 1MBps for the first 6GB, while plan 1998 offers 2MBps speed on the first 12GB data.

Move UP Plan P998

  • Speed is up to 1 MBps on the first 6 GB usage per month
  • Unlimited surfing and browsing

Move UP Plan P1998

  • Available speed of up to 2 Mbps on the first 12 GB usage per month
  • Unlimited surfing and browsing

When you avail of their Move Up plan you would have a free 4G broadband model called wi-tribe boom with any move up plan. Just like other plans from other internet service providers (ISPs) in the Philippines, this also comes with a 24-month subscription period.

What I like about Wi-tribe is they offer what they called Happy Hours which is from 1 am – 7 am. This would enable you to save 75% of your monthly GB allowance every time you go online from 1 am to 7 am.

As far as I remember during the time of dial-up internet, internet provider ISP Bonanza started this offering to capture the attention of consumers. The latter is also the reason I always purchase the said internet card. Still, I should say, Wi-Tribe’s Happy Hour offering during the stated time is very helpful for the consumers as they can do less important stuff such as downloading large files online on those hours.

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