Widget City Philippines: My First purchase Review

I just want to share my first smartphone purchase story at Widget City Philippines. My brother for whatever reason wanted HTC windows Phone 7 (Radar) over an android phone or iPhone.

I’ve visited HTC store in SM North, but they told me that HTC windows phone models (for whatever reason again) was not released in the Philippines. Good thing I was able to find and bought one in widget city.
htc radar in widget cityHere is a brief description about widget city based on what I have understood about the nature of their business. Widget City is an online gadget store selling brand new smartphones, Apple products, DSLR cameras, MP3 players and many other accessories at a very reasonable / affordable price. If they have stock on hand of the item you are looking, just inquire to them through text / call, they will make sure you will have the item the soonest.

Their store is based in Manila, but they also have branch in Vigan. Modes of transactions are through Multiply marketplace, COD, Credit Card, or have the item delivered at your doorstep via independent courier.

Alright, here is my story and review of Widget City. Last week I inquire in widget city if they have any HTC WP7 phone particularly HTC Titan, but it’s out of stock. So I told my brother to search for other WP7 phones, he then decided to go for HTC Radar. I’ve wanted to pay using credit card through multiply marketplace, but it will take 1 to 2 days just to verify the payment. Since I want the unit the following day I’ve texted widget city that I will pay in cash.

We have several exchanges of text message (until 11pm) before we finalized the payment mode and meet-up place for the next day. Meeting time is 1PM at around 12:30PM the concerned staff whom I am going to meet introduced himself through text message.

We were able to meet at around 1:15pm the staff handed me the unit for testing until I decided that it is in good condition. I got my brother’s new HTC Radar for only P12500 + P100 delivery fee.

One thing I notice, it would take 30 minutes to hour before I receive text reply from them. But it is fine since I know I am not the only customer that they cater with. What I like about them is, they entertain customers even after office hours. In my case until 11PM that is cool.

For those who are asking if widget city is a legitimate online gadget store in the Philippines just like kimstore? I would say it is since I was able to purchase from them with no problem at all.

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