Zamboanga City Recruitment Agencies for Work Abroad

Here is the list of POEA (DMW) accredited recruitment agencies with branch offices in Zamboanga City.

This post will help you, our Zamboangueño skilled workers based in Zamboanga City to know the recruitment agencies in your location that hire workers bound for abroad based on the rules and regulations set by DMW.

Zamboanga City is a 1st class highly urbanized city located geographically in the southern part of the Zamboanga Peninsula region, Mindanao. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority census of 2020, Zamboanga City has a population of roughly 977234 people.

The City of Zamboanga is accessible by Air through Zamboanga International Airport, by sea through the Port of Zamboanga and other numerous seaports, and by land using different motor vehicles including jeepneys, taxis, buses, tricycles, and 3-wheeled vehicles called Bajaj/Piaggio.

Zamboanga City is the industrial and commercial hub of the Zamboanga Peninsula Region. Its economy thrives on manufacturing/production, fishing, retail, shopping malls, seaweeds, and tourism.

In this post, you will know the list of DMW/POEA recruitment agencies that are based or have a branch office in Zamboanga City.

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DMW/POEA Accredited Manpower Agencies for Work Overseas in Zamboanga City

Agency Name: Non-Stop Overseas Employment Corp
Office Address: 1712 A. Mabini corner C. Alonzo Street Manila
Telephone Numbers: 4009441 / Mobile Phone: 09173416727
Email Address:
License Validity: March 1, 2027 / Valid License

Zamboanga City Branch
Office Address: YOE Building 42 San Jose Road Zamboanga City
Telephone Numbers: (Fax) 068-9925053
Email Address:

(for updating)

What to Do Next

After knowing the list of POEA (DMW) Accredited Recruitment agencies that have branch offices in Zamboanga City, you should verify their details such as the office address, and phone numbers, as they may change from time to time.

To verify the details, go to, then tap the “Licensed Recruitment Agencies” link located on the navigation bar. Enter the name of the agency in the space provided to check the license status of the recruitment agency. The DMW website will also give you information about the list of job openings with available job orders of the recruitment agencies listed in this article.

Be a responsible applicant, visit the Zamboanga City branch office of the recruitment agency, and inquire directly to them.

What is the municipality near Zamboanga City that has Recruitment Agencies for Abroad?

The municipality near Zamboanga City that has recruitment agencies for abroad is the Ipil Municipality. By road, it is 135 KM away or 3 hours 13 minutes drive by car from Zamboanga City.

*I hope this helps you guys!!! is NOT a recruitment agency.

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