My Unforgettable Zoobic Safari Experience, Entrance Fee 2024

A few years ago, my family went to Zoobic Safari in Subic, Zambales to witness and experience their famous tiger safari. The park is the only tiger safari in the Philippines. For those who plan to go there, the animal theme park’s address is Ilanin Forest West, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

We visited the place primarily to have some bonding moments together and to have an educational tour. It’s been a year since we have done it during our three-day trip to Bohol and Cebu.
zoobic safari entrance fee newZoobic Safari is an animal theme park that has a land area of 25 hectares. It is home to 200 plus animals. Some of these are not native to the Philippines such as zebra, camels, bears, deers, ostriches, and tigers.

Activities in the park include close encounters with animals, watching Aeta’s Thanksgiving dance as they show some of their skills in hunting and animal talent presentations.

Serpentarium is also available as well as Croco-loco where lots of crocodiles are located just a few feet away from your shoes.

Ostrich and pot-bellied pigs are just roaming around the Savannah. There was also an animal museum where the skeleton remains of the latter are preserved.
We spent almost half of the day taking part in the Zoo activities. We had some unforgettable moments like feeding the baby tiger. My wife fed the bearcat with a banana.

Me and my son fed the birds at the palm of our hands. Feed the goat and one hump camel. We also experienced the feeling of being inside a cage while the tigers were roaming outside of the enclosure and just a few inches away from us. The whole experience was a combination of fun, excitement, suspense, and breathtaking.

I never thought in my lifetime that I would milk-fed a two-year-old tiger much bigger than my whole family combined.

During that time I held my breath and pretended to smile even though I was very nervous. The reason is that the baby tiger keeps pulling the feeding bottle from my hand.

Zoobic Safari Entrance Fee for 2024

  • Adult – Php 895
  • Children 3 to 4 feet – Php 795
  • Children 3 feet and below – free entrance

Optional Amenities

Aside from the standard fees, Zoobic Safari also offers optional amenities to enhance your experience and make it a lot more memorable.

You can milk-fed a baby tiger plus a photo opportunity for a fee.
animal talent presentation in zoobic safariIn the theme park, you can feed the tigers with chicken and crocodiles for Php 200 and Php 50, respectively. Watching 5D movies for only Php 100 per person is another amenity that you should not miss.

Note: inquire directly to Zoobic Safari for other optional fees

Tiger Safari in zoobic safari

Inside the Tiger Safari

We stayed at the Aotriz Apartment = Php 950 per 24-hour stay.
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